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Same day appointments are often available. Check to see if I can see you on short notice!
I answer calls within 15 minutes unless in session or after hours.
At Soothing Moves Massage, I devote my full energy to renewing your body and soul.  Enjoy a personalized massage with the ideal synergy of deeper bodywork and pleasurably intuitive relaxing touch.  The soothing motion puts your mind and body at ease. I blend light touch with moderately deep pressure muscle work while applying luxuriously flowing body-length strokes and a gentle soothing touch. As you gradually unwind your body loosens and the stress melts away, leaving you in a state of tranquil bliss. My studio is serene and cozy. You will luxuriate on a generously wide, padded and lightly warmed table. Candlelight, sensuous music (or silence if you prefer) will transport you to complete relaxation while I perform my magic.  Indulge in a deeply calming experience beneficial to your body, health, and spirit.  

Soothing Moves Massage Therapy is the premier destination for individuals, couples, families, and professionals who want to experience exceptional massage therapy and related services that soothe stiff, tired muscles and deliver the peaceful relaxation you need after a hectic week at work, at school, or at home.
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If you're in Altamonte Springs, or in any neighboring areas, you couldn't have come to a better place!
At Soothing Moves Massage Therapy, guests can expect unmatched quality bodywork and skin care services for individuals who want nothing less than outstanding value for their money on all their self-pampering needs.
My light to medium deep tissue massages soothe and ease all the stress and tension away, bringing you to a relaxed state that's beneficial to your body, mind, and spirit. Massage therapy services include but are not limited to Swedish Massage, Intuitive Massage, Relaxation Therapy, Swe-Thai, Tabletop Thai, Face and Neck Massage, Hands and Feet Massage, and more.

Aside from my standout massage therapy services, I also offer manscaping services. So if you're in Altamonte Springs or other surrounding areas in the state of Florida, and are in search of the best place to go after a long week at work, there's no need to look anywhere else because you're certain to experience the amazing relaxation you seek - here at Soothing Moves Massage Therapy!
My Services